Ali Meyer.


My name is Alida Meyer, but I go by Ali. I have been painting for many years now and it still enjoy every time I get the chance to paint.

My preferred style is abstract since I feel that it involves the viewer. The titles of the pieces help you see where the image comes from in my mind. It often involves sights I've seen or places I have been; it brings feelings into the painting. Sometimes it is just a whim or dream. But whatever it is, it gives the painting life and meaning.

I like the saying "A painter can paint anything that he sees - An Artist paints something that has never been seen before." People keep showing up in my paintings - they are not meant to be a likeness, but a gesture of an implied moment in time.

Most of my media is acrylic paint or collages of papers that I have painted in acrylic or watercolor. Sometimes I add found papers or rice papers to give the painting texture and a splash of color. I really enjoy using acrylics with charcoal dust added for texture and a shadow of darkness into a color.


Ali will be available at Sonnenberg Gardens and Mansion

151 Charlotte St. Canandaigua, NY

August 16 & 17 10am-5pm